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Koi-Koi Aquatics

Their home - your pond.

Koi & Ornamental Pond Equipment and Dry Goods





Here at Koi-Koi Aquatics you will find all the leading makes of Koi and Ornamental fish keeping equipment at some of the best prices on the WWW.

Our online ordering is fast and easy, with free delivery available on most items, 

whilst our shop, based in Mid Suffolk, is centrally located for the whole of East Anglia, and together with good free parking makes it easy to pick up your requirements.

Our Website is NEW and is  being updated constantly with new additions. If its not on here, then please call or email, as we are adding new items daily.


**Please Note, we don't supply fish. We are dry goods only.**

Medications &

Water Testing


Air, Water Pumps & UV's etc



Filters & Filter Media

Pipe Fittings & Air Line Fittings 

nc diam, eget alis.


    Koi-Koi Aquatics

We are now in the process of putting in place our stock tanks and Filtration for the sale of quality hand picked Koi.